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Almost all of the Bitesize catalog is currently available as either downloadable mp3s or in their original CD form.

The downloadable mp3s are available via the Bitesize Bandcamp website. They are organized by album or record: The Best of Bitesize, Sophomore Slump, and a newly expanded (with bonus tracks!) edition of More Songs About Cars and Body Parts. There, you can listen to every song for FREE, or download them for a nominal fee ($1.00 per track, even cheaper per song if you download the entire album!).

If you want to buy any of those records in their original CD format, they can be purchased below via PayPal - all you need is a credit card or checking account to purchase through them. Just click on the picture to find out more info about the item. If you want to purchase something, just click the "Add to Cart" button to the right. when you think you've spent enough money, click the "View Cart" button to check out. (note: you will be billed a small shipping/handling fee in addition to your purchase)...

Sophomore Slump (2001)

20 song CD
The Best of Bitesize (1999)

10 song CD
More Songs About Cars and Body Parts (1998)

home-burnt CD that includes all four songs from the "More Songs About..." 7-inch plus BONUS TRACKS "Astronomy" and "I Killed Sting"

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